Sounds of Summer: MisterWives & Lawrence @ Mission Ballroom

The Sounds of Summer Tour: you know i only have THE utmost & best things to say about my faves, MisterWives (as you might know if you keep up with my posts over the years). TBH i shot their last Denver show at The Ogden Theatre and was a little underwhelmed (more so by the crowd & shooting angles) but this latest show, INSANITY.

First, they’re on tour co-headlining with Lawrence on the Sounds of Summer Tour & my golly geez, i was BLOOOOOWN away by them. Vocals are lead by siblings, Gracie & Clyde with a whole band backing them up, especially with sax, trumpet, or whatever jazz inspired instruments they were playing (I’m not musical, okay).

So since they are co-headlining it appears they are switching the order each show of who plays first and second. For this show, MisterWives played the later slot but both sets brought the same amount of energy. The biggest & best note I can say is: I saw Glass Animals at this venue (completely sold out) and MisterWives was not, but the crowd was just as loud or louder than the cheering for Glass Animals (that is not to say either is better, just stating facts here. I love them both equally). AND! MisterWives made a statement with the banner: “Bans Off Our Bodies” – that’s RIGHT.

You HAVE to check out their tour, STAT.


Photos by: Jess Nelson Media


Photos by: Jess Nelson Media


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