Glass Animals @ Red Rocks

yoooooo. glass animals never seize to amaze me. with wavey daveys killer/weird/quirky dance moves (this is not a diss, i LOVE them). to the neon vibez. to constant pauses in the show to just bask in the glory of the ENTIRE crowd cheering you on. what a sight to see. what a sound to hear.

let me back track a little, i’ve seen them twice before and had no expectations. the first time i saw them my friend and i got tickets 2 hours before the show. we had zero clue what to anticipate and we were LIVINGE (hey scrubbing in listeners). saw them again at mission ballroom back in march and had a grand time. only thing i’ll say is i didn’t enjoy it as much sober. that little buzz really just gets you vibing harder to the set. BUT that is a personal preference, they are still FAB, YOU, LOUS. go see them, i dare you.

also, was introduced to denzel curry who blewwwwwwwwww me away. TBH, he was hard to shoot b/c he was running all over the place but that’s the energy he’s got, ja feel? thoroughly enjoyed his set; love my some hip hop/rap.

if ya get a chance, obvi you need to go see glass animals and denzel curry live.

ta ta for now. pics below, duh.



Glass Animals

Denzel Curry


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