Taylor Swift @ Empower Field

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Major news for this lil publication: we got to cover Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour! The show was at Empower Field at Mile High on July 15, 2023 in Denver, CO. LIKE WHAT?! We’ve got all our thoughts & more BELOW! Support came from the lovely Gracie Abrams & MUNA.

*disclaimer, I am not in with the Swiftie fan knowledge, so if I get something wrong, Swifties give me some grace – thank you!*

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Gracie Abrams

What a time with cutie Gracie Abrams. She blessed us with some amazing vocals and a presence like no other. You could tell she was so honored and humble to be there, it was greaaaat to be a part of. Her band also rocked MUNA merch as it was their last night on The Eras Tour. We love to see musicians supporting musicians.


Wow, I was absolutely blown away by MUNA. I had heard of them but hadn’t actually given them a listen yet. The amount of BURSTING energy from the lead singer to the drummer to the guitarist, it was everything I love about a set. Running around. Jumping frantically. Some amazingly sexy yet sophisticated hip movements/dance moves. But obvs, the musical abilities and talents shone through like no other. I couldn’t tell you a single song name, but the vibe was immaculate. This meaning, I will be listening to them and getting more familiar for the next time they pop through Denver.

Taylor Swift

Do you need me to sit here and write about how amazing Taylor Swift is? Probably not. But I’m going to anyways because I didn’t understand the magic that is her until TikTok showed me otherwise. In the past, I’d had a so-so feeling toward her (which I will admit was certainly affected by how the media talked about her) but I’m proud to say my opinion was wrong.

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My Favorite Part

There were moments throughout the night where she would pause and allow the cheers & energy of the crowd to shine through. The way she took it in was not that she was shocked or overwhelmed by the cheers, but more so in a way of “I did this.” A boss bitch attitude, if you will. I took it as she’s owning everything she’s done & built as an artist while still emulating humility. And what an absolute massive achievement.

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An Experience

Another note to touch on is that this wasn’t just a concert, it was an experience. I know I’ve been to shows where fandoms will bond & print out signs to hold up during songs, etc. But the amount of effort the Swifties put into just attending the show is like nothing I have ever seen. The support shown to other fans, whether that is taking videos for each other & capturing those moments to parents/grandparents being supportive by taking their young kids. But the one that stood out to me the most were the friendship bracelets. If you’re unfamiliar, the Swifties will make bracelets with sayings on them (or some without), and you trade bracelets with people throughout the evening. It’s truly just rooted in positivity and friendship as a way to bond while also seeing the insane show Taylor puts on. I LOVED IT!

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The Show

Now, let’s really get into the nitty gritty that is her show itself. 3.5 hours of Taylor Swift. Let me repeat: Three. And. A. Half. Hours. For context, most headline artists will play an hour and a half set. So it is incredible that she can perform for that long & dance and move around the stage as much as she does. And don’t even get me started on the outfit changes. I want to say she changed at least 10 times (this to account for all her Eras!). We were walked through many different “sets,” which you may call her Eras. She plays an array of songs off different albums for each Era that she does. This is another thing I have never seen or heard of an artist doing (mad props to Taylor for just pushing boundaries & limits and doing what she wants, no matter the “norm”). I loved how each one had a different feeling, even if I don’t fully understand all the easter eggs (if there were any).

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Surprise Songs

Something else Taylor does at each show is surprise songs. These are songs not on the set list and the crowd has no idea what the songs are going to be. Hence: surprise songs (did I really need to explain that? Prob not). ANYWAYS! For this night we got “Back to December” and “Starlight” – how lucky of us!! I love this aspect of the show because as much as you can see parts of the show on Tik Tok, this will always be unexpected. I love to be a little thrown off when seeing a show and that little Tid Bit just makes it even more magical.

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The End

Rounding out the evening, the night ended with the magic of fireworks. And as soon as it was over & she walked off the stage, the post concert depression set in….

Tips to get over your Post Concert Depression here.

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