D4VD @ Bluebird Theater

D4VD played a show in Denver, CO at the Bluebird Theater on July 18, 2023. The evening was kicked off by Scott James followed by D4VD, of course!

Scott James

“I discovered my love of music at a very young age and it has defined my life ever since — singing, songwriting, composing, performing. There is something about music that clarifies life and allows me to express my feelings in the most honest way. It’s hard to describe, but I know my life would be empty without it.

Many people ask how I would describe my music and that’s always a tricky question for me. John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, and Bob Dylan have been major influences, but I have my own unique style and continue to explore where the music takes me. The highs and lows of life inspire my writing. I want my listeners to feel like they can relate my songs to what they’re going through in their own lives. I also have a passion for playing guitar — it’s an amazing instrument and when played can help convey so many emotions. Pop, rock and soul influences me, but to me the genre doesn’t matter, because no matter what you call it, the music is what it is.”

pulled from Scott’s YouTube about page

Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2023 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


Singer and songwriter d4vd (pronounced “David”) is known for his moody, bedroom-style indie pop and R&B. After initially gaining attention for his Fortnite game videos, he broke through with his 2022 single “Romantic Homicide.” His debut album, Petals to Thorns, arrived in 2023.

Houston native David Anthony Burke, aka d4vd, started posting videos of himself playing the video game Fortnite while still in his teens. In 2021, after teaching himself how to make his own music on BandLab, he also began posting his own music, including laid-back indie pop productions like “You and I,” “Life’s a Dream,” and “Take Me to the Sun.” In July 2022, he uploaded the darker, more emo-influenced production, “Romantic Homicide.” The song went viral and by that September had peaked at number 33 on the Billboard Hot 100, leading to a deal with . Several more singles preceded d4vd’s full-length debut, Petals to Thorns, in 2023. ~ Matt Collar, Rovi

pulled from D4VD’s Spotify bio

Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2023 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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