YUNGBLUD @ Jacobs Pavilion

YUNGBLUD played a show at Jacobs Pavilion in Cleveland, OH on July 11, 2023. Games We Play kicked off the evening followed by The Regrettes.

Games We Play

After hearing many good things about Games We Play, from opening for bands such as All Time Low and Fall Out Boy, they definitely didn’t disappoint. Emmyn (the lead singer) took the stage obvi ready to put on a show, yelling “JUMP” to the crowd seconds after walking up to the mic. A favorite from the set was their cover of “Mr. Brightside,” definitely heard from miles away. That’s when you knew it was going to be a fun night. Games We Play PERFECTLY got the crowd engaged, a token to how the rest of the show would go.

Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

The Regrettes

The Regrettes are amazing: it’s not often you go home thinking about an opener. Catching myself humming their song “Monday” for the remainder of the show. Lead singer, Lydia Night, instructed the crowd to open a most pit early into their set (a bold move if you ask me) but the crowd listened without hesitation. The Regrettes will leave you sweating & eager to see them again (post concert depression, you may say).

Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.


“YUNG – BLUD, YUNG – BLUD, YUNG – BLUD”. When the crowd is chanting the name of the artist, you know you’re in for a good time. The lights bursted on and YUNGBLUD ran full-speed onto the stage. Gazing up at the crowd, YUNGBLUD ran back and forth on the stage as the crowd grew louder and louder.

Starting the set with the song “21st Century Liability” was a jump straight into the action. Thanks to Games We Play and The Regrettes, the crowd was more than ready to give all of their energy. Every word of the song yelled, heard from the barricade all the way to the parking lot. Song after song, the crowd knew every word to the point that YUNGBLUD put down the mic to hear his words being screamed back to him (what an amazing feeling as an artist).

With a face you can’t forget, an AMAZING setlist, and enough energy to charge a Tesla, YUNGBLUD put on the show of a lifetime.

Photos by William Wark. All content Copyright © 2023 William Wark.

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