Drayton Farley @ Globe Hall

Drayton Farley played a killer show at Globe Hall on July 11, 2023. Supporting Drayton was Kainen Kellum & Travis Roberts.

Kainen Kellum

Kainen Kellum is a singer-songwriter from Central Alabama. His debut album, “A Fool’s Pipedream” is a satisfying journey through the early years of life. Hidden whispers of childhood memories and the complexities of grown-up reality infiltrate his lyrics. Kainen has an undeniable gift to bring music to life through storytelling that’s wrapped in wistfulness, mystery, and his perspective on age-old tales of murder and regret. Kellum’s smooth, warm vocal tones are reminiscent of the echoes of James Taylor, while his calm baritone depth hints towards the likeness of Johnny Cash and Sturgill Simpson.

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Travis Roberts

Travis Roberts is a singer/songwriter currently playing in the Americana/Texas Country scene in West Texas. As a kid, he grew up listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard and Green Day. Therefore, making for an interesting sound that most have never heard in the country music scene. With his band The Willing Few, he explores the journey of living, loving, and recovering. Travis has an honest and sincere songwriting style similar to Phoebe Bridgers and Jason Isbell. There’s songs to two-step to, songs to bang your head to, and songs to tear at your heartstrings. Recently, he just finished up recording a new batch of songs to be released in the near future. These will go along side his current two singles “Cabin Fever” and “This Too Shall Pass,” both of which have appeared in Texas country charts.

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Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Drayton Farley

Alabama native Drayton Farley has as honest a voice, as you’re likely to hear in this burgeoning scene of country, folk, roots, and Americana music we’re all wrapped up in. With songs and lyrics pulled from real life experience, there’s a grounded feeling to his stories, a confessional quality that rings true to those who know. His voice fills the room like cigarette smoke, curling into every corner of you, with a fine grit rasp that smooths out every rough edge. It lingers hours, days, after you’ve left the bar – turns of phrase that tumble around your mind, bittersweet and familiar. He sings as deeply about the love he holds as the love he’s lost and there’s something so broken-in and comfortable about that Southern inflection that every song feels like coming home.

pulled from his website

Photos by Kyle Saunders. Copyright © 2023 Kyle Saunders ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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