A R I Z O N A @ Irving Plaza

The vibrant energy of Irving Plaza in New York City played host to the grand finale of A R I Z O N A’s “Live for a Night” tour on November 14th, 2023. The air buzzed with anticipation before Fly by Midnight opened the show, absolutely killing it in hyping up the crowd!

Fly by Midnight

The indie-pop duo, Fly By Midnight, comprised of songwriter Justin Bryce & producer/songwriter Slavo, took a break from recording & writing to join this tour. They opened up the show with their feel-good love-filled set. Since it was the last show of tour, you could tell they brought every bit of energy to the stage.

They made sure to keep the vibes going by interacting with the audience. Sharing some words of appreciation for all the fans they’ve met during the tour. Slavo joked around with Justin as they rocked through their set. You could really tell from the looks on their faces how much passion & pride they have for what they do!

To close out the set, they brought “A R I Z O N A” out on stage to raise a toast. Celebrating the final show and the memories they created with the crew, fans, and each other. They laughed, cheered, and embraced one another as they closed out the opening set to the final show. What a start to the night!

Photos by Nicole Grimaldos. Copyright © 2023 Nicole Grimaldos ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.


As the vibes hit an all-time high, “A R I Z O N A” took center stage, delivering a show that was way more than just 3 guys on a stage. It was a party!!!

Also known for saying ‘the band, not the state’, they are a trio formed by Zach Charles, Nathan Esquite, and David Labugen. The “Live for the Night” tour stayed true to its name; they live-streamed on Twitch for fans who were not able to make it! Every angle was captured and the band and crew left it all on stage for those watching at home. There was Nathan’s sick bare-footed dance moves, Zach’s captivating vocals, to David’s crowd-hyping skills. You could tell every person in the room rocked out as hard as they could.

As the final notes echoed through Irving Plaza, it was evident that “A R I Z O N A” had left a mark. It wasn’t just any concert but a shared community experience—one that I’m sure fans will never forget.

Photos by Nicole Grimaldos. Copyright © 2023 Nicole Grimaldos ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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