Andrew Cushin @ Red Rocks

This post may bring some PTSD since this was originally Louis Tomlinson’s headlining show at Red Rocks on June 21. But, we still wanted to give some love to the performer who wasn’t affected by the hail storm: Andrew Cushin. We want to send all our love to anyone hurt or affected by this hail storm (our photographer included).

Andrew Cushin

Andrew Cushin is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from Newcastle, UK. Educated at Hotspur Primary School in Byker and Heaton Manor, he didn’t pick up a guitar until he was “15 or 16.” He learned fast and, inspired by legendary singer-songwriters Neil Young, Donovan, Bob Dylan and Paul Weller, was soon penning his own originals. This including his first four releases: It’s Gonna Get Better, Waiting For The Rain, Where’s My Family Gone and Memories.

His mom eventually signed him up for The Voice, but that didn’t pan out as two weeks later, Noel Gallagher invited him to London. His meeting with Noal led to him signing a record deal.

pulled from a Chronicle Live article & written for purposes of this post

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