Coin @ Fillmore Auditorium

Shot & written for Frequency Press

Let me just tell you, Coin is one the best bands I have ever followed & seen live. Hailing from one of my favorite places & former home, Nashville, TN, they brought the HEAT to Denver. Chase (the lead singer) always goes so ham on the keyboard headbangin’ like it’s nobody’s business and I’m surprised he hasn’t hurt himself yet. My neck would be a wreck (am i a poet now?). 

As a fangirl myself, I am always entranced and mesmerized by those in the front row. A gal brought Chase flowers & ended up giving them to him during the set. You know, I’m not 100% sure of the significance but the point here is: an artist noticing you at their show, taking something you got for them and bringing it on stage = the greatest memory. This is why I love music, concerts, artists, bands, fans, & more. The experience is worth more than these words could emulate. 

At another point during their set Chase kissed Joe (another band member, the bass player maybe? Listen, I don’t know I just see a guitar). I was like OOOOOH WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I still don’t know but we love to see it. 

Do. Not. Sleep. On. Coin. I am absolutely flabbergasted that a lot of my friends and people I told about this show, they had no idea who Coin was.


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