Ed Sheeran @ Paramount Theatre

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Ed Sheeran is on a massive, massive stadium tour right now, but he is also on a smaller tour within that called “Subtract.” Before his stadium shows, he will play at a much smaller, more intimate venue, giving fans closer access and a different experience than the big flashy show at the stadiums. For Denver, we got to see him at Paramount Theater, a venue capped at about 1800 people. 1800 vs 85k, WOW!

Ben Kweller

Opening up this intimate show was Ben Kweller, who played a full acoustic set. One of my favorite moments during the set was the song, “Thirteen.” Ben performed this song at Ed’s wedding during their ceremony. Another classy guy, super chill & an enjoyable way to warm up the stage for Ed.

Ed Sheeran

Photo credit: Mark Surridge 

Right at 8:30pm, Ed walks on stage with a wave and smize wearing his tour shirt in all black. For such a down to earth guy, it’s amazing that we’re all so hyped just to get to listen to him sing. “For the first half, you’ll be quite sad. But the second half of this gig is what I call happy hour, and everyone’s invited.” Happy to join this ride, Ed.

The – (Subtract) show at Paramount Theatre quickly became one of my favorite concerts because of the intimate venue and soul baring songs from Ed Sheeran. He performed this venue as it should with a string band and acoustics.

His voice is literally pitch perfect and his songwriter skills are incredible. It was a little bit of an older crowd too vs the crazy stadium energy. Everyone was so respectful which is also why I loved this show so much. Occasionally we would take a photo or 2 but for the most part everyone was in the moment and listening to Ed’s – (Subtract) story. When I first listened to the album, I applied the songs to my own feelings of sadness, heartbreak and grief. I thought of my own grandparents passing last year and struggling with figuring out my future self. For this show, I was fully present in the music. This album truly is a snapshot of his life during this time and the way everyone deals with hardships differently.

Photo Credit: Mark Surridge

After the sad portion, the band left and we moved into happy hour! Ed sang his hits solo, bringing some insane talent with his loop pedal. It’s so fun to watch him perform so creatively, seeing the music come to life.

This was a moment to see Ed shine as a songwriter, everyone fully embracing Ed’s vocals, talent & musicianship. At the end, Ed asked everyone to put away their phones as he sang 3 new songs coming from his new fall album, without ever practicing them before. Reiterating his love for playing a quiet room, he sang the Irish farewell song “The Parting Glass” without a microphone, occasionally strumming an unplugged guitar.

To sum up the night, he seamlessly wove into “Afterglow” before taking a final bow. Just absolutely in awe of him as an artist. Hearing Ed’s story of each song made me understand him more as a person and artist. Music is such an important way of expressing and feeling. It was a night of healing and so many emotions. The post concert depression has been insanely real ever since the show. 

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