Lauv w/ Hayley Kiyoko @ Mission Ballroom

this show was OFF DA CHAIN. TBH, my main interest for this show was for Hayley Kiyoko (for the GAYS duh), but I equally love Lauv & his music, so…win win.

My absolute highlight of the evening was meeting Becca Tilley (Hayley’s GF). I have loved her since the Bachelor and am an avid Scrubbing In (podcast) listener. She is the absolute sweetest. Also, I would love to be in her shoes as the fan girlfriend watching my person up on stage doing their thing (this is a pipe dream of mine to meet an artist and fall in love….nbd). Hayley also SLAYED that stage. With her dance moves, waving around the pride flag & her absolutely insane vocals. Don’t sleep on her.

Now Lauv: when it comes to his set, I can’t even tell you how insane the production was. There was SO MUCH HAZE (they told us to wear masks when we were shooting…I thought for covid reasons but nope, it was for this. Guess who didn’t wear the mask? Me…oops). You can obviously see this insanity in the photos below. Something else of note, there was a part in the show where he put up a number for mental health (or suicide…I can’t remember) BUT either way, it was awesome that he included that / made it a point to highlight the importance to those struggling. I know he has had his struggles with it & what a great way to use your platform.

Hayley Kiyoko

photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC.


photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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