Smashing Pumpkins w/ Janes Addiction @ Ball Arena

If I’m being honest here, I was NOT pumped for this show (for all reasons unrelated to Smashing Pumpkins or Jane’s Addiction). I’m sure you’re here to read about the show and we will get there. But one of my main reasons for starting PCD was focused on mental health. So, I’m going to tell you about mine.

I had been go go go for the past 7 days prior to this show with constant social interaction and no full days of solitude time. Which after COVID, my introverted self developed and I need a lot more “me time” than I used to. But I had already commited to doing the review so my photographer Aidan could shoot the show. So, I powered through and went. I was running on empty. My energy was probably less than zero. I also didn’t really know Jane’s Addiction or Smashing Pumpkins music all that well. It makes it less exciting for me beforehand because I’m unfamiliar and don’t have a specific moment that I want to enjoy at the show.

Skip to, the show gave me back my energy. This is the power of live music. The power of music in general. How it can shift your mood. Brighten your day. Make you forget about all your worries & just be.

Getting to the show, Jane’s addiction was the main part of the show that gave me the most energy. They had incredible dancers up on stage with them (it was honestly mesmerizing). At one point there was an ode to ladies taking over the world, because HELL YEAH. Oh, and we can’t forget the part where the lead singer did a song sort of beat boxing. It was rad and I’m sure my words aren’t doing it justice. Additionally, at the end of their set, the lead singer and one of the dancers (his wife) were interacting with the front row crowd. They took pictures, gave away the drum sticks, & made peoples day. That shit fuels me.

Now…Smashing Pumpkins brought the PRODUCTION, y’all. Their lights were INSANE and I was like, are we at an EDM show? They also had small parts in their set where it was a little bit screamo, which I normally do not enjoy. But in this instance, I actually didn’t mind it. Throughout the set, there was amazing drum solos, an amp that was blown out, and great vocals. Back to the blown out amp: the band was going around doing introductions and they went to introduce the guitar player Jeff & he wasn’t there. This resulted in some funny banter and an impromptu song while they sorted out the amp situation. I absolutely LOVE a spontaneous moment as such.

If you’re into either of these bands, all I will say is you gotta make it to one of their shows. It was quite an enjoyable evening.

Review written by Jessica Nelson

Smashing Pumpkins

Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2022 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Janes Addiction

Photos by Aidan Hicks Productions. Copyright © 2022 Aidan Hicks Productions ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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