The Regrettes @ Levitt Pavillion

The Regrettes helped close the summer concert series at Levitt Pavillion on Spetember 22nd, 2023. To begin, The Nova Kicks hyped up the crowd for this free show before our headliners took the stage.

The Nova Kicks

Colorado raucous band ‘The Nova Kicks’ bring a destructive sound wave of distorted grooves and soul in the shape of a high energy performance. Writing personal to impersonal songs that bring awareness to the beauty and tragedy of the human experience. The band holds close to their influences in Rock n Roll and punk music. Additionally, they destroy the notion that a band should stick to one genre. They are strong believers that using their influences is to expand on an idea, not re-create it. ‘The Nova Kicks’ do just that.

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Photos by Sila Sungur. All images © 2023 Copyright Sila Sungur. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Regrettes

The Regrettes is an American punk rock band from Los Angeles. The band is led by frontwoman Lydia Night. They released three studio albums on Warner Bros: Feel Your Feelings Fool! (2017), How Do You Love? (2019), and Further Joy (2022).

The Regrettes’ musical style is punk rock, riot grrrl, garage pop, and garage punk, featuring elements of garage rock, ’60s doo-wop and surf music, rockabilly, and pop music. Michael Bialas, a writer at PopMatters described their sound as “girl-group power-pop punk.” 

Lyrically, their music follows themes such as women’s empowerment, feminism, politics, and love. In an article by The Verge, their lyrics were described as “brash and unapologetic”.

They also cite musical influences including Bikini Kill, L7, 7 Year Bitch, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, The Ronettes, Hole, The Crystals, Lesley Gore and Patsy Cline.

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Photos by Sila Sungur. All images © 2023 Copyright Sila Sungur. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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