The Walters @ Paper Tiger

The Walters absolutely crushed it at Paper Tiger on November 10 in San Antonio, TX. The evening started with the support of Ron Gallo!

Ron Gallo

The first thing that Ron Gallo did on stage was introduce himself and the band via reading a piece of paper in a monotone voice. Unexpected, but it left the audience in laughter. It was a great way to connect with the crowd before playing any songs. It seems he starts his show like this; a great way to add in some comedic relief to the set.

Despite being in a crowd of roughly 1,000 people, Gallo’s music made it feel as if you were listening to a garage band perform at a kickback. There was so much to enjoy about his music. From his lyrics diving deep into the vast complexity of life to the angst in the guitar strums. He made the audience feel a vast array of nostalgia, mellowness, humor, and disdain in the world, all 45 minutes that he performed.

Photos by Stephanie Loftus. Copyright © 2023 Stephanie Loftus ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

The Walters

The Walters walked onto the stage promptly at 9pm. With Charlie Ekhaus on the drums, Danny Wells on the bass guitar, Luke Olson as the lead vocalist, and the one and only Walter Kosner playing the guitar. From the start, the band was bursting with energy, which spread like wildfire to the rest of the crowd. 

Overall, the performance radiated an enjoyable and lighthearted atmosphere for everyone. Olson sang and jumped from every corner of the stage, and the crowd swayed their arms up in the air along to songs like “Sweet Marie” and “Old Friend”. Mid-show, he took the time to highlight that they wouldn’t be back together if it wasn’t for the success of their song, “I Love You So,” which became a trending audio on TikTok. He opened up about how the topic of coming together again was uncomfortable at first. But after being apart for four years, they were so excited to be touring again. 

After a long day at work, seeing The Walters was the perfect way to let go of all stresses and worries from the day. After the performance, the band ended up meeting fans and signing merch, truly making this a memorable evening for those that stayed after.

Photos by Stephanie Loftus. Copyright © 2023 Stephanie Loftus ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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