Yam Haus @ Bluebird Theater

Yam Haus played at the Bluebird Theater in Denver, CO on November 11th, 2023. Opening up the show was Sawyer. We have thoughts + photo galleries for you!


Indie pop duo, Sawyer, started the night out strong & brought a fun & magnetic energy to the stage. Comprised of Kel Taylor & Emma Harvey, they took the crowd on a lyrical journey through their discography. About halfway through the set, the two surprised fans with a dance, earning them screams and cheers of approval. Sitting down at the keyboard, Emma brought many of the fans to tears with a heart-wrenching ballad “Halfway”. To add to it, Kel joined her to finish the song. To keep the tears flowing, the two sang a gorgeous cover of “Yellow” by Coldplay, bringing even me to tears. Not only are Kel Taylor and Emma Harvey incredibly talented singers and musicians, but they are also incredibly *funny*. I found myself laughing with the crowd many times throughout their hour-long set & thoroughly enjoyed it from beginning to end.

Photos by Samantha Camp. All images © 2023 Copyright Samantha Camp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Yam Haus

What can I say about Yam Haus that hasn’t already been said? Not only was frontman Lars Puritt incredibly magnetic on stage, guitarist Zach Beinlich and drummer Jake Felstow drew cheers from the crowd with their impressive musical abilities and fun energy. The Minneapolis-based trio began their set with crowd favorite “Shakin’ Yer Hips” before playing two car-themed songs “Making Out In Cars” and “Give Me The Keys”. Engaged with the show, the crowd danced the whole concert, with quite a few fans belting the lyrics back to Lars as he sang them. The band played an impromptu cover of “Wonderwall” by Oasis and swapped instruments at one point in their set, displaying their musical abilities. Overall, I had such a fun time at the show and will definitely be seeing Yam Haus next time they are in Denver!

Photos by Samantha Camp. All images © 2023 Copyright Samantha Camp. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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