Harry Mack @ Summit Denver

Harry Mack brought the HEAT for his Denver show on June 5, 2023 at Summit Denver. His opening/support was from his DJ Stephen Ellis. We had our photographer, Andrew Ortega, there to snap snap snap the good times.

Harry Mack

Multi-talented artist and rapper Harry Mack is best known for his unique, jaw-dropping visual freestyle rapping. He first came to fame when his Venice Beach Freestyle video went viral, which propelled him to opportunities alongside the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Ellen DeGeneres, Complex Music and RedBull Music

In 2018, Harry starred in a TV commercial campaign for Mitsubishi across North America. In this “Freestyle Test Drive” commercial, Harry is seen rapping for unsuspecting customers who happen to stop by the dealership to test drive the Eclipse Cross model. 

As a content creator, his self-produced YouTube series “Guerrilla Bars” has amassed millions of views. With 16 episodes released between September 2019 to July 2020, Harry has surprised, impacted, and entertained millions of people, leaving them with something unique that they can’t wait to share with others. His weekly live streams further promote positivity and keep fans engaged through mind-blowing interactive performances.

Harry’s background in jazz drumming is a reflection of his life-long fascination with improvisational music. His unique approach to hip-hop revolves around the spirit of rhythmic improv. Blending the excitement of instrumental jazz improvisation with the impactful messages of hip-hop lyricism, Harry constantly strives to push the boundaries of his own abilities, while reaching for new approaches to rap expression.

pulled from his website

Photos by Andrew Ortega. All content Copyright © 2023 Aperture Ortega.

Stephen Ellis

Stephen is a Producer & DJ currently on tour with Harry Mack.

Photos by Andrew Ortega. All content Copyright © 2023 Aperture Ortega.

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