Hoodie Allen @ Skullys

I have been SLEEPING on this mans Hoodie Allen. the energy he brings to that stage…unmatched. he just seems like such a genuine dude and I love that, every show offering a free meet and greet (for real, what other artists do that?; I’m sure there are some but I know its a rarity). this is what draws me in to an artist. I’ve known and followed other artists in the same “circle” but never got around to jumping on the bandwagon. well, let me tell you what a royal fuck up that was on my part.

I can talk up the show even more, but we have to talk about the most exciting part. A COUPLE GOT ENGAGED. I’ve been to hundreds of shows and never seen a proposal. It was THE cutest thing. To my future spouse, this is how I want to be proposed to, okay?. So the rouse was, they came out on stage to toss balloons during a song, with no suspicion luring or indicating anything of the sorts was about to happen (even to me in the crowd). Just thought it was part of the show. Then Hoodie introduces them to the crowd…says to the guy something along the lines of…I think you have something to say. AND THEN HE GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE AND DID THE DAMN THING. I’m telling you, SO CUTE.

A few other highlights (show related): during Cake Boy – Hoodie throws cake on people in the crowd. There was also one point in the show the crowd kept trying to chant OH and IO. Hoodie joined in then was trying to intro a song and told us to hush (lol, I loved it). LASTLY, he crowd surfed on a lil pool floaty/boat thing (or whatever the fuck you want to call it).

You need to see a Hoodie Allen show. That’s it, that’s the tweet.

Hoodie Allen

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2022 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.


Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2022 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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