Hunter Hayes @ Summit Denver

Hunter Hayes ended his Red Sky tour in Denver on June 3, 2023 at Summit Denver. The firecracker herself, Abby Anderson, started out the show & got the crowd amped!

Abby Anderson

Abby was absolutely wonderful but with a side of spicy/sass/overall good time. Her personality shined through, as it was just her and a keyboard up on that stage. She gave us an intimate performance, allowing her voice to shine through.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Hunter Hayes

Woooow, I’ve seen Hunter before but YEARS ago. I genuinely forget how powerful of a voice he has. Honestly, underrated if I do say so myself. He should be selling out arenas.

In terms of his show, it was an absolute blast and you could feel the energy from the crew & crowd. With it being the last show of the tour, I could just tell him & the band were giving everything they had. Went out with a bang, if you will.

While there were many moments to highlight, the one I want to touch on most is when he was introducing one of his songs (don’t hate me but I don’t remember which one). He was saying how we are all worthy. I blacked out for most of it as he was speaking to my soul and hitting me all in my feels (I teared up). And it was such a simple reminder but one God needed me to hear. We are all worthy, YES. Every single one of us is unique, deserves love, care, nurturing, and we have VALUE. We matter. Thank you Hunter for this.

A few other highlights were towards the end of set. So he did the already anticipated encore, but came back out and make a comment about how he we already knew he was coming back out. I’ve been saying it for years but the encore is expected at this point & when will someone do something different, ja feel!? Also, during the last song, he had the whole crowd go silent. Once it was silent, he began to sing a cappella WITHOUT his mic. The crowd obviously joined it and it was just such a beautiful moment.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

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