Luke Bryan @ Ball Arena

Ending a long work week in Denver with Luke Bryan, one of the most recognizable faces in country music, made for an awesome night. Being able to photograph made it even better! Being shuffled in & out of the pit at Ball Arena, in between sets, I probably got the most steps I’ve had at a concert. However, my Whoop stats didn’t mind.

Alana Springsteen

The night of July 29, 2023 started off with Nashville based singer, Alana Springsteen (not related to Bruce, I checked), who came out like a pint-sized powerhouse. She definitely sounded like a Nashville artist who deserved to be on the stage. After the first couple songs, she took a moment and thanked everyone for being apart of her first arena tour. The lights were low, the spotlight was on & it felt like a beautiful way to enjoy her in the world of country music.

Photos by Joe Campbell. All images © 2023 Copyright Joe Campbell.

Tyler Braden

Tyler Braden was next up, who I had not heard of before. It was simple and country, nothing showy about his performance, just his band, some guitars and good vocals. Prior to being an artist himself, he got started in the industry as a songwriter and that singer/songwriter vibe showed through.

Photos by Joe Campbell. All images © 2023 Copyright Joe Campbell.

Ashley Cooke

Ashley Cooke felt like a co-headliner and she is one of my current country favorites. Her “Never Till Now” song will most definitely be played at my wedding. For starters, her outfit looked fabulous! Her and the band brought the energy in the arena WAY up! They looked like they were having the time of their life and it was infectious in the best way possible! Warm lights, happy vibes and plenty of smiles, it felt like a party.

Photos by Joe Campbell. All images © 2023 Copyright Joe Campbell.

Luke Bryan

Finally, Luke Bryan came on, starting his set with a laser show that Katy Perry would have been proud of. He is as seasoned of a performer as there is, with big lights, high energy and dance moves for days. During the set, there was a Banjo battle and people throwing hats on stage. He also said this was a set list he hadn’t played in years, and it seemed the crowd was loving the throwback vibes. The way he brings his audience in & interacts with them is unmatched.

Hands down the best moment of the night was when this 10-year-old girl was holding a sign that said it was her birthday and Luke brought her on stage. She got to duet with him, and he stopped the concert to ask her about her birthday and sign her poster. It was a special moment and definitely one she will never forget! Music is the universal language that connects people young and old. There is no better place to see that than a Luke Bryan concert. And let me add: with a mega talented ensemble. 

Photos by Joe Campbell. All images © 2023 Copyright Joe Campbell.

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