Mt. Joy @ Red Rocks

It was a busy night 2 nights at Red Rocks for Mt. Joy. Taking the stage on August 17 & 18 in Morrison, CO, we were lucky we got to be there both nights. Enjoy!

The sun was beginning to set behind the rocky landscape, and I watched from the parking lot as the sea of eager concertgoers began flowing into the venue, making their way up the summit of stairs. As I made my way in, I realized it might’ve been the busiest Red Rocks show I have ever been to. A crowd this big could make me anxious, but the energy was positive. Excitement could be felt in the air as I waited in the entry lines. I noticed how many people around me were laughing and positive, seeming genuinely happy to be there. Everyone was ready to enjoy some music.

One thing I noticed as I looked around the buzzing crowd, was that there was a unique but similar element to how the crowd was dressed. Among the sea of Mt. Joy t-shirts, tie dye, overalls and sundresses, it occurred to me that the crowd was dressed based on what the music and band represented to them. Philadelphia Eagles jerseys, to represent the lead singer of Mt. Joy’s hometown, for example. Vibrant and colorful shirts and dresses, mirroring the eclectic imagery on many of the bands’ album covers.


The sunset backdrop created the perfect vibe as Flipturn set the stage for a night of music. Their single “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” was upbeat and got the crowd excited. The amount of bouncing around & hype they brought during their performance certainly radiated into the crowd. As the Flipturn set wrapped and the venue was buzzing in excitement for Mt Joy, I glanced in front of me and noticed the back of a t-shirt that read, in vibrant 70’s-esque font, “be kind to your mind.” That really stuck out to me and set the tone for the entire show.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Mt. Joy

Then, as if it was on cue, Mt Joy hit the stage!

The city lights behind the stage twinkled in the background as the stage lights and visuals entranced the audience. The music had a similarly hypnotizing affect that made you feel like you were connected with the crowd, yet completely alone with the band at the same time. Enjoying great and meaningful music cushioned between two massive rocks felt safe, special and communal. Mt Joy checked in with the crowd throughout the show, which made me feel appreciated.

I also HAVE to touch on Jackie Miclau, the keyboardist. She is obviously a star at piano, but you could also feel the power as she jammed on 3 keyboards at once, captivating the audience with her passion. Being the only girl in the band, it was exciting to watch her not only keep up with, but often “out-jam” the boys.

Mt. Joy played 2 sets & during intermission, a message came up on the screen that said “Dance is Therapy.” Leaving a concert can feel like a form of therapy. It can change your mood for the better and give you something to learn from.

As an added bonus, Mitch Cutts from “Richy Mitch & the Coal Miners” came out for a song. You could tell he was so grateful to be there. And during the encore, Mt Joy, Flipturn and Mitch Cutts, came back onstage for a song together. It was clear that playing at such a historic, beautiful, and special venue has a humbling affect on artists of all magnitudes.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media, LLC. All images © 2023 Copyright Jess Nelson Media, LLC.

Photos provided from night 1 on August 17 & article written by Malia Mack from night 2 on August 18

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