Kings Elliot @ DSG Park

i have so many feeeeeeeeeeeeelings after this set. Kings Elliot absolutely slayed opening for Imagine Dragons & Macklemore. First, the blue hair just rocked my socks off (especially to photograph). Second, her and her entire crew were THE absolute sweetest people to work with and enjoy the show with (Hi Emmy & Summer). THIRD & BEST OF ALL – it was her birthday and we got to sing her a surprise happy birthday on stage during her set. Me = a big birthday lover. Everyone deserves to be celebrated.

i’m going to give you a notated play by play

  • her dad was there with her on tour (the freaking cuteset)
  • bday festivities
  • her keys player summer is the ultimate hype girl
  • fans met & gret in between sets with Kings while we were in the pit
  • kings slayed
  • crowd cheered
  • she got all the love
  • sky was gorgeous
  • amazing vocals
  • fans in the crowd
  • me shooting from stage (a v new thing for me, what is life)
  • hugs
  • laughs
  • dancing
  • confetti

……..the list goes on.

I am just so honored, grateful and humbled to have been a part. I love live shows; I love music; I love meeting & networking. IS THIS REAL LIFE?!

Back to the show part of this post: we also watched Macklemore’s set, which was full of green, people, musicians, dancing & hit songs. Imagine Dragons also rocked my socks off & I didn’t even know I knew almost all their songs. Don’t you love when that happens? Go to a show where you’re unsure but then can sing to almost every song. Makes for a great show.

ANYWAYS, moral of the story: don’t sleep on Kings Elliot, y’all. Check out all her deeeeets here.

Photos by Jess Nelson Media


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